Drones have become so much popular that the common masses have raised questions whether evolution in technology will allow the drones to reach the space. Drones will be very meritorious for the scientists and researchers.

So, can a drone reach the space?

Absolutely not! The definite answer is no as the design of the drone disapproves the possibility of the scenario.

Why Can Drone Not Reach the Space?

Speed, Range and Flight Time: On YouTube, there had many YouTubers who had tested drones – whether drones can reach the space or not. When we buy the drone, we read the range, flight time and speed of the drone. The batteries let us know how far it can go. So, it is very stupid to expect a drone to go to space – a device that has 90 minutes flight time or 9 KM range or let’s assume more than that.

But definitely it cannot even reach thermosphere, let alone space.

Atmosphere of Earth: Another reason of the failure of drone in reaching space is the atmosphere of the earth. Earth has thinner air at the higher altitudes. Drones are powered by the propellers which use air density and push the air downwards so that drone could remain at higher altitudes.

Dropping Rate of Temperature: Another factor, which removes possibility of drones reaching higher altitudes, is the decreasing temperature. Lithium-ion batteries will not work in the low temperatures.

What Altitude Can Be Reached By the Drones?

As discussed earlier, drones cannot reach higher altitudes due to the thinner air – airplanes cannot also fly at higher altitudes due to this reason. The highest elevation, which DJI Phantom 2 drone achieved, is 11,000 ft. (3.35 km above in the air). It took only three and a half minute for a drone to reach the height.

Nowadays, drones have software restrictions which will not allow the drones to fly to such heights. However, software restrictions can be removed after obtaining consent from required authority for the conducting the experiment.

Does a Drone Work in the Space Environment?

Most certainly, yes! NASA has been working in the space with the drone’s technology – discovering and exploring new locations in the space. However, there is a significant difference between usage of the drones on earth and the space. In the space, the drone is given a path which it follows – its propellers do not push the air as there is no air in the space.