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Simple online tool to convert KTX (Khronos Texture) to PNG (Portable Netword Graphic).

Drag and Drop your ktx file into the browser to convert it quickly and easily.

The .ktx file format was defined by Khronos. It provides a unified way of storing OpenGL compatible image texture data. Since this standard was created, many games engines and graphics tools have made use of it. As it provides an easy and efficient way to store 2D textures. The data is stored uncompressed in the file with a small header confirming the KTX format and describing the format of the data. Normally one defined directly in the OpenGL specification. This makes loading the data as trivial as passing a pointer to the GL texture upload command.

Originally created in 2010 this is in a newer generation of more generic texture formats. Allowing encoding of multiple vendor specific compressed texture formats. As well as usual OpenGL uncompressed pixel layouts. The specification defines values to support storing ETC textures. With OpenGL extensions S3TC textures can also be supported.

With version 1.0 the ktx format focuses on storing OpenGL texture formats. And stores some values in types understandable by the GL graphics drivers. A new version (2.0) is being created to allow storing Vulkan formats and using values for format types making it easy to load into that system. This new version adds a few more pixels layouts to the supported uncompressed formats. Also added are new compressed formats available in Vulkan.

These files have found themselves in widespread usage on mobile devices. Where OpenGL is the most usual graphics api. This standard has helped development as it removes the requirement to develop a custom way to store and load texture files. WebGL has also become a popular tool to draw graphics on web browsers and has also made use of this format.