Coronavirus disease has shaken the world; coronavirus has limited our movement to our houses. Countries around the globe are experiencing severe to partial lockdown, trying to stop the prevalence of the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus pandemic began in Wuhan China. There are multiple theories which cite to the origination of the Coronavirus; some say somebody ate bats, while others say it was a conspiracy against China so that its economic boom could come to an end.

The good news is that China has successfully put an end to the deathly diseases, and emerged victorious in tackling the problem. There were many instances wherein Chinese government incorporated drone technology in its fight against COVID19.

From the examples set by Chinese govt., we have learned that drones can be used by medical authorities in vast areas. Some of the methods, adopted by Chinese government, are given below that mitigated the prevalence of the COVID19:

Disinfection and Aerial Spray

COVID19 is a contagious disease, which spreads by human contact. Social distancing is the only mechanism to prevent the spread of the lethal disease till the time vaccine is created to stop the COVID19 pandemic.

However, another method to stop the spread of COVID19 is to disinfect and spray the impacted areas. China used the drone technology for spraying the vast impacted areas, successfully mitigating the prevalence of the COVID19.

Transport of the Sample

If the samples of the suspected coronavirus patients are transported via drones, it would limit the human contact to the lethal virus throughout the cycle of transportation of samples. Testing of drone delivery began after 600 died and 28000 were infected in the country in the early February 2020.

Drone Delivery of Consumer Products

People were undergoing compete lockdowns in the impacted areas. But the human needed food for survival. Limiting the human contact, the consumer products delivery was carried out with the help of drones in China – providing people with enough food to survive throughout the lockdown.

Lessons Learned from China:

China had told others various new methods in which healthcare facilities and emergency situations can be dealt with great caution and precision. Drones technology limited the human contact as well as speeded the work.

Different teams collaborated together to join efforts, and then drone missions were carried out throughout China. So, along with drones, teams and their concrete efforts are required to successfully battle against any challenge – a challenge as big as Coronavirus Disease. Thus, China has successfully defeated the COVID19 with its efforts by now.