PUBG Mobile is a huge game and now they release a game mode with drones, it's called Arctic Mode, and some players creative players use them to make cars fly.

Even the heavy 4x4 Zima found in Vikendy based on the real life Russian car model called Lada Niva (нива) or VAZ-2121 (Лада Нива) that has Curb weight of 1350 Kilograms (or 2976 lbs).

PUBG Zima on the left side and Lada Niva on the right side

Has you can see both cares are very similar, and in PUBG mobile the Zima can be pulled up it to the air with only 2 drones, some players use 3 to have more balance.

PUBG mobile players getting the Zima "ready to fly".

PUBG mobile is not a drone simulator but the developers did a fun game mode with drones.

In Google Play the most successful Drone simulator right now is Drone : Shadow Strike 3 with more than 1,000,000 Installs

If you want to check out the game please visit this link:

Drone : Shadow Strike 3 - Apps on Google Play
Soldier! The eye in the sky is back, wafting in the air - silent but deadly. Your enemies won’t see you coming, and before they realize, it’ll be too late. Drone Shadow Strike 3 delivers the most intense free-to-play drone reconnaissance simulation on mobile. Drop-in, Gear up, Sniper-up and compet…
Shadow Strike 3 Store Link
Drone Shadow Strike 3 Trailer

In this game the player controls a drone and has some missions to complete.

If your taste is more driven by drone racing you can also try the app called "Amazing Drones - 3D Simulator Game".

In this one is not war related game and it aims to be just a simple drone simulator that you can have tons of fun.

Amazing Drones Trailer

This game theme is mostly race with drones and it's the number two in drone racing simulation.

Feel free to try it at:

Amazing Drones - 3D Simulator Game - Apps on Google Play
Amazing Drones - 3D RC drone racing simulator game with futuristic and cool speed quadcopters. Choose racing mode to fly with your multirotor fast through the checkpoints to the finish line. Choose landing mode to fly with your quadcopter safely, but fast, through the obstacles to the bull’s eye. ★…
Amazing Drones Store Link