Drone, that is an unnamed aerial vehicle (UAV) or un-crewed aerial vehicle, which is flown without a human pilot. UAVs are mainly a part of the unmanned aircraft system, whose main components include a UAV, ground-based controller and a communication system for mediating between the two.

Historical Origins of Drones:

Many cite the origins of drones to 1849 when Austria had attacked Venice with unmanned balloons that were filled with explosives. However, these balloons do not meet the present definition of drones.


Brothers Jacques and Louis Brequet invented the first quadcopter of the world along with the controversial Noble Prize winner Professor Charles Richet.1915-1920

According to the definition of the drones, first drones were developed by the American scientists – the aerial vehicle was called Kettering Bug by US Army. Ruston Procter Aerial Target was also invented during this period. First Kettering Bug flew first time in 1918 but war ended. So, the vehicle was never used.

1930 to 1945

U.S. Army kept on working the UAVs, expanding the technology to a greater extent. In the 1930, US Army was experimenting with the radio-controlled aircraft, which led to the development of Curtiss N2C-2 Drone in 1937. “Fritz X” was another pilotless aerial vehicle developed for German army during this period. At the same time, the British army had also developed the “Queen Bee”, which had also led to the emergence of the word “drone” as an unmanned aircraft.

1980 to 1989

Though UAVs were considered very significant, and US army had obtained greater breakthroughs in mass-manufacturing and development of drones. However, these drones were considered very expensive. However, these perceptions changed dramatically after victory of the Israeli forces in Syria in 1982 – Syrian forces were defeated as Israel had used the unmanned aircrafts.

Then, USA used the Pioneer UAV Program for developing inexpensive drones.

1990s to 2010

Then, mini and macro versions of UAVs were developed by the US Army. The most famous Predator was developed and launched in 2000, which was utilized in searching the Osama Bin Laden. Later, small-sized drones such as Raven, Puma and Wasp were developed by American AeroVironment Company Inc. Raven is already used by various companies from around the world, having nearly 20,000 units.


Initially, drones were used for the military purposes. It was in 2014 when Amazon proposed to deliver packages with drones. Later, drones became very popular. Drones also became popular for filming and photography. Then, applications of the drones reached in every industry, from agriculture to the search and rescue missions etc.

Thus, drones technology evolved and reached every industry in long 100 years period.