In the suffocating grip of survival horror, a malevolent entity has manifested to ensnare the minds of gamers worldwide – "Lethal Company." Forged by the twisted minds at Zeekerss and unleashed in early access on October 23, 2023, this co-op nightmare thrusts players into a dystopian post-apocalyptic universe. Mere pawns in a sinister game orchestrated by the eldritch corporation known as "The Company," players traverse desolate, industrialized moons, scavenging for scrap to meet inscrutable profit quotas. Amidst the wreckage, they confront grotesque monsters, elude insidious traps, and confront the ever-looming specter of annihilation.

Brackens, also sometimes called Flower Men, are shadowy, humanoid entities in Lethal Company.


"Lethal Company" unveils a harrowing tapestry of first-person horror, weaving together tense exploration and calculated survival. The mission is shrouded in an oppressive darkness: amass enough scrap within three in-game days to satiate The Company's insatiable hunger for profit. Failure invites a fate as chilling as the void itself – being cast adrift into the cold emptiness of space, a consequence that lends a bone-chilling tension to each mission.

Within this desolate expanse, a miasma of dread prevails, as players grapple with relentless challenges. Monstrous entities lurk in the shadows, auto-turrets unleash death from above, and the very environment becomes a malevolent force. As each in-game day unfolds, the peril crescendos, pushing players to the brink of their own sanity. Stamina must be rationed wisely, and the weight of each burdened step is a dirge of impending doom. Company credits, the sinister currency of survival, can be exchanged for tools of desperation – from flickering flashlights that pierce the Stygian dark to makeshift weapons, cruelly efficient against the encroaching horrors.

Hazard Levels and Ranking System:

In the nightmarish universe of "Lethal Company," no moon is spared from the stain of corruption. Seven distinct hazard levels dictate the horrors that await, unveiling a hierarchy of suffering and despair. Creatures of unspeakable horror roam freely, their malevolence increasing with each ascending level. The game's rank system, a dark reflection of a player's tenuous grip on survival, reveals a descent into madness or the faint glimmer of mastery amidst the chaos.

Development and Release:

The twisted maestro behind this descent into madness is indie developer Zeekerss, a harbinger of dread with a shadowy past in Roblox game development. Released in early access for Microsoft Windows, the game is an ever-evolving nightmare, promising to consume and mutate within the next six months. Frequent updates, dripping with malevolence, add layers to the unfolding nightmare, ensuring players remain ensnared in the ever-twisting narrative of "Lethal Company."

Critical Acclaim:

"Lethal Company" has transcended expectations, earning a chilling 7/10 review from IGN. Steam's Global Top Seller list bears witness to its unholy ascent, with 100,000 souls ensnared as of November 29, 2023. Kelsey Raynor of VG247 praises the game's morbid charm, where the gruesome aesthetic is but another haunting facet of its allure. Gabriel Moss of IGN heralds the co-op loot hunts as rituals that transcend the game's limited content, summoning an otherworldly connection between players.

As "Lethal Company" continues its insidious reign over the gaming realm, it stands as a blasphemous testament to the dark arts of indie game developers. Its oppressive atmosphere, relentless gameplay, and a burgeoning congregation of players firmly establish it as a malevolent deity within the realm of cooperative horror. The journey ahead promises revelations of ancient malevolence and the emergence of harrowing challenges, shrouded in the perpetual gloom of "Lethal Company's" accursed universe. This game is not a fleeting experience but a sinister odyssey, etching an indelible mark upon the very soul of the survival horror genre. Enter, if you dare, into the unholy dominion of "Lethal Company." The abyss awaits, and its hunger is insatiable. In the shadows, the game whispers, beckoning players to surrender to the darkness.