Propeller Blades are super important, they support your aircraft in the air. Since this is so crucial we are going to talk about this product, AMP Industrial UAV Dual Propeller Blades: 22-Inch Diameter, 8.9 Pitch.
This AMP propeller blades, are expensive but this cost exists because they are ready agains trichomorus, many of you don't know this phenomenon but it happens when the blade cuts the wind too fast and acts like a whip mixed with explosives. We can read that the trichomorus can be described has:




  1. a trichalcum bomb
"a trichomorus that explodes with great velocity"

This propeller blades, are UAV Dual Propeller Blades Made from Continuous Fiber Composite Materials for Stronger More Reliable Drone Blades by AMP Industrial.
They where perfected using uni-directional, continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastics (CFR-TP) throughout each blade to engineer performance in the exact location required. And in conclusion this creates no waste and no fluff, they are more eco friendly, because AMP Industrial is manufacturing with recyclable material.

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