Cars have always been an important part of popular culture, and anime is no exception. Over the years, there have been many anime series and films that have focused on the world of cars, racing, and motorsports. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular anime series and films about cars.

Initial D

Initial D is one of the most famous anime series about cars, and has been popular since it first aired in 1998. The series follows the story of a young man named Takumi Fujiwara, who becomes a skilled driver and racer thanks to his experience delivering tofu for his father's business in a mountainous region of Japan. The series is known for its intense racing scenes, which are based on real-world techniques and strategies used by professional drivers.

Wangan Midnight

Wangan Midnight is another popular anime series about cars and racing. The series follows the story of Akio Asakura, a young man who becomes involved in the world of illegal street racing in Tokyo. The series is known for its high-speed racing scenes, as well as its focus on the technical aspects of car tuning and customization.


Redline is a 2009 anime film that tells the story of JP, a skilled driver who competes in the most dangerous and prestigious race in the galaxy. The film is known for its high-quality animation and stunning visuals, as well as its fast-paced and intense racing scenes.

Initial D and Wangan Midnight are both based on manga series, and have been adapted into anime series and films. Redline, on the other hand, is an original anime film.

Cars in Other Anime Series

While Initial D, Wangan Midnight, and Redline are some of the most famous anime series and films about cars, there are many other anime series that feature cars and motorsports. For example, the popular anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion features a scene where the main character, Shinji, drives a race car as part of a simulation. The series also features a character named Ryoji Kaji, who is a professional race car driver.

Another popular anime series that features cars is Lupin III, which follows the story of a master thief named Arsène Lupin III. In one episode of the series, Lupin and his gang compete in a cross-country car race to win a treasure.

Why Are Animes About Cars So Popular?

Dakar Girls 4x4

There are many reasons why animes about cars have become so popular over the years. For one, cars are a universal symbol of speed, power, and freedom, and the world of motorsports is full of excitement and drama. Animes that focus on cars and racing tap into these universal themes, and offer viewers a chance to experience the thrill of high-speed racing and intense competition.

In addition, animes about cars often feature complex characters who are driven by their passion for racing and their desire to be the best. These characters often face personal and professional challenges that they must overcome in order to succeed, making for compelling storylines and character arcs.


Animes about cars have been popular for many years, and continue to be a favorite among fans of anime and motorsports. Series like Initial D and Wangan Midnight offer thrilling racing scenes and compelling storylines, while films like Redline showcase stunning visuals and high-quality animation. Whether you're a fan of racing, cars, or anime in general, there is sure to be an anime series or film about cars that will capture your attention and imagination.