In a surprising development, Tesla's upcoming Cybertruck will reportedly feature a specialized "Wade Mode," designed for water driving, as stated by the company. The mode is said to involve raising the ride height and pressurizing the battery pack, showcasing Tesla's commitment to off-road capabilities.

This move follows CEO Elon Musk's previous comments, where he suggested that Tesla vehicles, including the Cybertruck, might have the ability to float and operate as a boat. While such claims were initially met with skepticism due to warranty concerns, the introduction of a dedicated water driving mode implies a more serious approach to the idea.

Wade mode

The description of "Wade Mode" suggests that Tesla is taking steps to enhance the Cybertruck's off-road features, addressing concerns related to driving through water. This innovation adds an intriguing dimension to the Cybertruck's capabilities and further emphasizes Tesla's commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle technology.