What is Home Automation and what is it for?

Home automation is at its best, with great technological advances, with new voice recognition systems and the global super connection of gadgets. It has achieved great roots and its use is increasing, but if you are interested in acquiring this new application, you must take into account and know about it completely.

What is Home Automation?

Home Automation is nothing more than the series of technologies brought together to automate our homes. From the efficient management of energy use (especially the savings we want so much), the security in our homes. And of course, the comfort that it can provide us.

These technologies have advanced so much, to the point that we can manage the behavior of our electronic devices that have “smart” technology.

Thanks to the new uses in voice recognition and the total connection of smartphones, which help us remotely manage various devices, such as lighting systems, video surveillance systems, and air conditioning systems.

What is home automation for?

Its use has brought total comfort to homes, from air conditioning systems to energy savings, giving a point in its favor after investing in home automation. It will help us to avoid that the account for home maintenance goes out of line, that the use of the services is more efficient.

Here we can take as an example the moment in which we are away from home, the moment in which we are on vacation and we want to keep in touch with the reality of our home, mainly in terms of security. In this case, we can see through the systems that home automation offers us the different surveillance cameras that were installed in our home.

We can also automate the different high-tech equipment that we have. For example, the air conditioning system, which at different times of the day and night, must be adjusted according to the thermal sensation of the outside environment.

Home automation examples:

There are many examples of home automation. The smart home not only allows certain tasks to be carried out remotely, even from outside the home, thanks to remote control via devices.

- In-home automation you can foresee several scenarios and program different responses according to each of these situations.

- With a smart thermostat, you can simply regulate the temperature of your home from anywhere. Or program the heating or air conditioning system to turn on when it detects that someone is approaching the house through geolocation.

- Blinds can be remotely regulated or programmed to open or close during a certain time slot depending on the weather conditions outside.

- Beyond manually regulating the intensity of lighting in a room, with a smart home, it can be programmed. So, the light starts to automatically dim from a set time and even be accompanied by a gradual change in temperature using the thermostat intelligent.

- With the cameras connected to home automation, not only can the image be seen live from anywhere. You can also schedule all the windows and doors in the smart home to close if an unexpected presence is detected.