It is important that you have the right air conditioner to beat the heat of the summer in the United States. If you are having a large home then having a static air conditioner is something you should consider.

The productivity of the air conditioner and the energy consumption is worth considering. You would have to pay big on energy bills if you do not have a static air conditioner installed. Moreover, it is also likely that you do not get the desired cooling effect too.

What is a high static air conditioner?

The simple explanation for a high static air conditioner is one which has ducts run into different outlets of a home. They would also comprise of an indoor unit which might not be visible as they might be hidden in the roof of your ceiling.

How to choose the best static air conditioner?

There are many brands that sell static air conditioners in the United States. This can leave people confused on which one to choose among the many that are available. However, to make things simpler we have listed the top static air conditioner brands in the US.

It would help your decision making simpler after you look at these options. Consider the size of your home and your budget before choosing the one that fits you. You might also want to consider the capacity that these air conditioners come with before finalizing one for you.

Top 10 Brands

We list out the top 10 brands below for you to consider before making the purchase.

American Standard: It is said that this lists atop the top 10 companies in the country for air conditioners. The things that stand out for this company are said to be its low maintenance costs and the reliability of the unit.

Carrier: Strict quality standards, comprehensive warranty lasting up to 10 years, and the superlative customer service. These are the things that this company is known for.

Goodman: This company provides smart home compatible air conditioners, low in cost, and is considered top home owners’ choice.

Rheem: The durability for the price at which it is offered low cost are its USPs. It is widely purchased by many people in the country too.

Trane Central: The economy at which they run and the quality offered for its price are the advantages from this company.

Lennox: It is said to provide the highest SEER rating along with premium models. This is what brings this company to the top 10 on our list.

RUUD: You can get above average SEER and that too at affordable unit prices. People on a budget tend to choose this for energy saving purposes.

York: The most attractive thing about this company is the lifetime warranty that they offer. The maintenance cost is also said to be relatively low compared to other options.

HEIL: When compared to the cost and durability of the units this company is said to stand out. Moreover, they also offer a 10-year warranty for general parts of the unit.

Amana: Amazing investment, limited lifetime warranty, and premium HVAC unites are what this company is known for.

Our conclusion

As a buyer, you would have to understand that each company has its own pros and cons with their units. So, it is important that you consider them before you choose to invest in one. Reading reviews and testimonials can help your decision making easier.