What is a Karen and a Simp?

In the world of dictionary and digital content, we can find several new words that sometimes we are not aware of. Today we are going to discuss “Karen” and a “Simp” – Let us find out the meaning and example of these two terms.

What is “Karen”?

Karen is a pejorative slang term for entitles, angry, and sometimes racist white girls.

A person classified as “Karen” refers to a woman between the ages of 30 and 40. The adjective applies to an arrogant, classist, hypocritical person, among others.

In short, using the name “Karen” to refer to a person applies to label people in the same way that the Lady or Lord is used.

Why did the name “Karen” become an insult on social media?

Users on social networks have noticed that in recent weeks the name "Karen" has starred in different memes and endless comments.

According to several internet users, the adjective would have arisen after a user of the social network “Reddit” shared a video in which she speaks ill of her ex-wife, who is called “Karen”.

After the video went viral, another user created a group in which he added several people with the same behaviors as the ex-wife.

Also, the name that gave rise to the word Karen, Catarina, was considered quite common and popular in the United Kingdom, especially during the middle ages. It came to be the name used by several princesses and queens that appeared in the region over the years.

Examples of the term “Karen”:

- The Red Karen woman is selecting her own and her husband’s clothing.

- The Karen Christian communities are very strong numerically and they have a good name for self-support.

About Simp:

A man who, in a conversation preferably with women, makes flattering and courting comments towards her. Also, another thing that characterizes them is that just by naming a woman he will ask you for information about her.

The word “Simp” is not new. It is pretty old. But today, it has been popular and many people are using it. It is in the same way when any older song goes viral to the new audiences or some older slangs emerge on the mobile app to the younger audience.

The evolution of Simp:

Today, people are using Simp, mainly as an insult. That is a misogynist one which implies a person is “Fearful” has lasted most of a year.

The unconventional English and the new Partridge Dictionary defines that it is a short version of a simpleton. So, we can say that the original meaning of this term is calling someone stupid. This word was first used in the list of dictionaries in the year 1946 as it appeared in The New York Times in the year 1923.

Example of the term “Simp”:

- If telling his girlfriend, he would always be there for her makes him a simp, then I guess he has been simping for a long time now.