It is very difficult to choose the best drones as there is a lot of buying confusion attached due to new registration schemes and laws. It is really the best time to buy the drone as currently drones offer high-quality images, ease of shooting from different angles and the best value for the money.

This where our hard work will help you – we have tried following aerial movie makers and prepared a list of the best drones ready to fly for 2020. Here they are:

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

It tops every list due to its amazing features such as foldable design, larger sensors and the ease of flying. You must once consider this drone before scrolling down.

Good Features of the Drone:

The drone is equipped with the best foldable design.

It has advanced design, yet it is quite easier to fly.

The drone has 1 inch 20 MP sensor.

DJI Mavic Mini

This drone offers consumers with exceptional features, which makes it travel-friendly. DJ Mavic Mini is also compatible with law changes, so you will face no difficulty while shooting.

Good Features of the Drone:

This excellent drone has compact and collapsible design.

It is the smaller, cheaper and the lighter drone, which is very easy to hold and move.

The drone has a premium design.

Husban X4

This particular drone is most suitable for the starters, who learn to operate and shoot using this cheapest drone available in the market. It is priced at the lowest $30.

Good Features of the Drone:

It is very lightweight, weighing around 54 grams.

It offers you with the ability to capture photos and videos.

It does not need kind of registration.

DIJ Mavic Air

DIJ Mavic Air is the best drone available in the market, offering its consumers a number of exceptional features.

Good Features of the Drone:

It is really good for traveler and beginners, as it is a mix of power and portability.

It has the capability to record the 4K video with at 60 minutes per second.

It avoids obstacles in the perfect manner.

DIJ Phantom 4

Offering the best value for the money, it is a professional and smart drone.

Good Features of the Product:

It has exceptional and Steady 4K footage.

The drone has fisheye lenses.

These are the best drones ready to fly available in 2020.