Mars Helicopter Drone, previously called Mars Helicopter Scout, is a robotic device which is used to reach the targets for the study and research purposes on Mars. Helicopter drone performs a number of essential tasks on the Mars, such as planning routes for future Mars rovers.

Details about the Mars Helicopter Drones

The drone will be equipped with two cameras, on for the navigation and another for the imagery. So, Mars Helicopter Drone will achieve many objectives of the team when it is successfully launched in the Mars.

Each flight of the Mars Helicopter drone will not take more than 3 minutes, 3-10 meters above the ground. The drone will be run through autonomous control, and the drone will communicate with the perseverance rover after each flight is carried out successfully.

The small mars helicopter drone will be tested for the first in 2021 as part of the Mars 2020 Mission. If the test are successful, NASA will most definitely work on the design for the future Mars helicopter drones.

Objectives of the Mars Helicopter Drone:

Following are the top objectives of the Mars Helicopter drone technology:

The researcher will assess the performance of the Mars Helicopter Drone, which will help the scientists and researchers in acquiring better information regarding guidance and mapping.

Future mission controllers will be provided with accurate and improved information regarding mapping so that many hazards and dangers will be avoided by the teams.

Various missions into the Mars can be led with the help of Mars Helicopter Drone. The Mars Helicopter Drone will identify and capture the images of the interesting points for the rovers on the Mars.

The Mars Helicopter Drone will capture images and videos that will feature overhead images that are ten times the resolution of the orbital images, so the image quality will help researchers in reaching better conclusions and results.

Currently, it is hoped that the Mars Helicopter Drones will allow the rovers to reach safely 3 KM more into the Mars.

This test will conclude whether aerial movies makers will be used in the space or not. The drones will be used in the environment similar to that of Mars.

If the Mars Helicopter Drone tests are successful, people would be able to learn more about the Mars and possibility of life on Mars in the near future.